those who know a first responder or member of the military, know they are ... Unknown Savages

As every day people, we don’t often see the mentally straining, daily actions of our first responders and military or the impact their work has on their families. Instead we only see the positive and negative results of their tireless efforts and dedication.

Whether outwardly acknowledged or not, the mental struggles of their work takes its toll on many lives.

To recognize these Unknown Savages for all the amazing things they do, we wanted to create a brand that shows our support for their struggles. In addition to creating a brand, we are donating a portion of the profits from all Unknown Savages item purchases to honor those who serve and give back to the families who have lost loved ones from their respective first responder or military roles.

For the Unknown Savages in all our lives we want to thank you for everything you do to keep us healthy and as safe as you can. And for all of those who have lost the Unknown Savages in your lives, we would like to thank you and hope you know they will never be forgotten.

Are you one of our Unknown Savages!?!