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what is it?

The Miracle Bay is our fantasy universe of characters and settings located throughout the Miracle Bay area. To watch our characters in action, visit us on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You might even get to interact with one if you post comments on their videos.

Some of our Miracle Bay characters that you’ll see in action are:

  • Sgt Nelson with the Miracle Bay Police Dept taking crazy calls from nosey neighbors and concerned citizens
  • Innocent and naive Vickie Nunley and her family … bless her heart
  • Marge who owns a college town bar called The Rowdy Pelican
  • Dr Thadeus Timber the psychiatrist letting us listen to his patient sessions
  • Jules the video gamer mom who keeps beating her professional gamer son as well as his friends

And every universe needs some ghost chasers, so we have our own paranormal investigation team of Spirit Reveals with Warren, Oliver and Shelby (Warren’s cousin). While the team doesn’t necessarily believe in ghosts, they do seem to always find them.

Then there’s our crackerjack Miracle Bay News team with anchor Skye Spectacle and field reporter Dustin Tempest. Skye seems stuck on himself most of the time and Dustin probably doesn’t come in from the rain very much.

Since our characters live in The Miracle Bay, they need to eat; so we have several restaurants and bars that you can visit like:

  • The Rowdy Pelican – college bar near Boot Hill College
  • Slackers – fast food burgers, fries and shakes
  • The Serval Cellar – upscale wine bar
  • Pancake Hut – home of flaps, oinks & clucks

Any good community also has schools and recreation for the families of The Miracle Bay, so we have:

  • Boot Hill College – home of the Fightin’ LickersĀ 
  • Center Point High School
  • Hidden Shore High School
  • Cavalier Technology School
  • Miracle Bay Youth Athletics – the recreational youth sports organization
  • Crazy J’s Mini-Golf – found at The Pier at Hermit Pier

And then of course we have a number of businesses to visit like:

  • Cloth Co – clothing company headquarters
  • Bay Regional Health – healthcare system for the bay area
  • Rigging – indoor rock climbing experience
  • Jessie’s Pet Shop – local pet store
  • Bay Cable – cable and Internet provider
  • Bay Wireless – cell phone provider
  • World Co Imports – multi-level marketing (MLM) corporate office and warehouse

If you’ve noticed the overall water theme of our universe, then you won’t be surprised that we have pirates in The Miracle Bay! Our pirate haven of Cursed Booty Island is the perfect spot for our buccaneers with locations like Pirate’s Cove, Bounty Beach and Skull Point.

Then there’s Mr Pineberry’s Corner at Miracle Bay Public Television (MBPTV) trying to be the calm voice in the storm educating our youth.

Welcome to The Miracle Bay!