To understand what we are doing, I need to explain two concepts: VRU and VRW

Missing Support is a Virtual “Real” Universe (VRU). A VRU combines the functions of the real world (like communities, news, entertainment and personalities) with the platforms of the virtual world (like web sites, social media and fictional characters) and the physical world (like shopping for actual products) into one user experience. A VRU has a theme. The theme of the Missing Support VRU is ”a support group for those who don’t know they need support”.


In each VRU you can have unlimited Virtual “Real” Worlds (VRWs) that are functional examples of how we merge the virtual and physical worlds. Miracle Bay, Miracle Bay News, Boot Hill College, etc are each a VRW.

Miracle Bay

Miracle Bay News

Boot Hill College

Delta Alpha Fraternity 

To complete the physical piece of the Missing Support VRU, you can shop for actual items based upon the concepts in the VRU and each VRW in the online store(s).

Miracle Bay