Did you ever wish fundraising for your school, club or organization could be fun, not exhausting?

Wish no more ... now there's Missing Loot!

Missing Loot is the NO COST, NO TOUCH, HIGH RETURN fundraising program that your group can start using today.  Not next season. Not when school starts next year. Today! And your group can receive money all year long from your online store sales. Money that can be used when you need it.

Missing Loot is a fundraising program like no other

Missing Loot is different because unlike other fundraising programs:

  • You spend NO TIME COLLECTING ORDER FORMS OR MONEY for each sale. Teachers, coaches and board members can stay focused on their primary jobs and stop being clerks and bankers. With Missing Loot, customers pay online directly at the time of their order.
  • You spend NO TIME HAULING ITEMS AROUND from the vendor, to the school or office and then sorting and handing out the items to students, players and parents. With Missing Loot, items ship directly to the purchasers usually within a week of the order.
  • You invest NO MONEY UPFRONT TO FUND your bulk purchases to ultimately be stuck with items because of the wrong size (like, too many XL shirts and not enough Mediums) or just because of lack of interest in what you have to sell. With Missing Loot, all items are print-on-demand at the time of the order.
  • Your SALES ARE NOT LIMITED IN TIME to just during a fundraiser window. With Missing Loot, your store is open year round for your customers and you receive funds from your sales the following month.

Trust me. As working parents, we know how tough fundraising can be as your second job.

With Missing Loot, you will have a completely different experience. The majority of your time is spent deciding on what items you want to put in your online store and how they should look! Being creative! Being ambitious! Having fun! 

Just not being exhausted trying to do your “second job”. Other then selling the items using our provided materials tailored to your store, the rest is on us.

Here are a couple of my real world examples:

As a parent and full time executive, I have experienced first hand the impact of fundraising. The long hours. The endless vendor calls. The order pickups. The order deliveries. The money collection. Add to this, teachers, coaches and students have to be in the middle of the process as well taking them away from their primary responsibilities. 

900+ player youth sport league ... not enough board members to run it. Sound familiar?

My son started playing tee-ball at 5 yrs old and kept playing baseball until he was 14. I initially planned to be there every chance that I could to support my son play baseball but I was willing to do more than just sit in the stands if they needed me. 

As a business executive in my “day job”, I knew how to manage projects, stay in budget as well as manage staff and vendors. I thought, “how hard could it be to help a recreational baseball league?” I was so wrong. For nine years, I helped run that 900+ player Little League program. I began helping as Equipment Manager and Commissioner then eventually became Director and Treasurer.  While being on the baseball board, I also coached my son’s team (one year even coaching two teams because a coach backed out last minute).

Running that small business was hard because everyone wanted your time but only the few people on the board put in the extra hours that it took to run the program. Fundraising consisted of player registrations, team sponsorships from local businesses and concessions. Pretty typical approach when I talked with other leagues and school programs.

So I had an idea ...

To raise more money, I came up with the idea to sell “family t-shirts” to keep from increasing registration fees. Everyone loved the idea as long as I made it happen. The challenge was the vendor who supplied our player shirts wanted all of the “family orders” at the same time as the player shirt orders to keep their costs down, so we collected the money during registration and delivered the shirts the first week of the season. We made a few thousand dollars each year but it never seemed worth the energy.

Every year we would have parents ask during the season “where they could buy the family shirts” and we would lose sales because we only did it during registration when most people were not interested in buying them (no extra money, not enough selection). If I could have sold them year round, we would have raised a ton more funds.

School program fundraising wasn't any easier

When my son entered middle school, he made the football team continuing to play in high school and eventually stumbled onto his true love for lacrosse after joining a travel team keeping active playing both sports. I learned my lesson to not over commit myself this time as a board member but instead focused on helping by working concessions or keeping the stats books during the games.

But then there was the fundraising. 

Whether it was the “team store” that opened each season for just a few weeks or the discount cards that needed to be sold quickly to family and friends, there was never a consistent revenue stream for the programs. Since the lacrosse team was a travel team, the parents just asked for the full budget amount to run the program and divided it amongst the players. We just didn’t want to spend time fundraising. For the school sports, I was fortunate enough to afford buying out the “minimum” that he needed to raise each season instead of reaching out to family and friends.

If there had been something like Missing Loot that ran year round and offered a large selection of items, I know that we could have done so much more to fundraise for travel expenses, equipment and uniforms.

These are just some examples of how Missing Loot could have made a difference in those fundraising experiences

Click on our Missing Loot Program PDF Packet for more details and see if our fundraiser is something that your program could start using today. To request more information or to signup, go to the Contact Us page of this site and contact us.