The real question is ... how did we get here

I remember from my earliest childhood that I have always stretched my imagination. Whether it was building model airplanes and tree houses, escaping in fantasy and science fiction or memorizing captivating lines of movies, I have always loved the happiness that I felt immersing myself in the story, experience and effort. 

In my professional career, I have expanded that immersion to include focusing on quality of service as a core expectation, not an unexpected outcome. As the saying goes, “If you love what you do, it’s not work.”

To understand what Visible Fusion is, I need to explain my professional journey. Having worked in Information Technology (IT) for more than 30 years, I have seen the birth of the personal computer, the Internet and the mobile computing platform. I have also experienced the evolution of social media, e-commerce and streaming services. 

By fusing all of these mediums into one seamless experience, I believe everyone can immerse themselves in an endless number of “worlds”. As an entrepreneur at heart, I have also avidly watched companies like Disney and Apple leverage each of these mediums to their fullest as well as set the bar for quality and service.

With Disney, their attention to detail and customer service is best in class. Their fusing of the theme park and movie experiences are legendary. As their portfolio expanded beyond Walt’s core business by gaining ESPN and ABC, the virtual and physical worlds began to merge. With the licensing or acquiring of Pixar, Avatar, Star Wars and Marvel, the number of virtual and physical worlds that Disney can combine has become endless.

With Apple, their focus since inception with the Apple II and Macintosh has been to deliver the user a solution, not a tool kit. While their systems have often been closed to outside development, their success has been in delivering a consistent and scalable, hassle-free experience. The iPhone and iPad have become the standard.

What if you built a single, immersive experience

As a student of how companies like Apple and Disney have succeeded, and failed, I started thinking about building my own company, one that can merge the mediums available to everyone today into one immersive experience. To accomplish this, I started Visible Fusion and began to build my own world I call Miracle Bay

The goal of Visible Fusion is to seamlessly merge the fantasy world of Miracle Bay, with it’s  characters and places, with the events and people of the physical world. Some of this merging occurs through e-commerce by selling the fictional advertised items in the physical world and advertising of the physical world items in the fictional space.

Some of this merging occurs in social media and the web space where the fictional characters interact with the physical world people posting content and providing comments. The fantasy and real worlds collaborating, arguing, and building followings.

In the physical world, I started the virtual support group of Missing Support on social media, who’s purpose is to help those who don’t know that they need the help. This help can be tongue-in-cheek but hopefully never mean. The group can inspire and encourage or at least point out that the struggle is real. The themes of Missing Support are found throughout Miracle Bay in the actions of the characters.

To make the virtual world as detailed as possible, Miracle Bay has all of the same places as we do in the real world. Suburbs and corporate offices. Colleges and fraternities. Bars and restaurants. Corporate retreats and industrial complexes. As well as all of the characters that you would expect in each of these settings. Miracle Bay also has a fake news network and a real online shopping mall (

Everything about Missing Support and Miracle Bay blends what is possible in the virtual and physical worlds into a single, immersive experience. 

Well … at least that’s the goal.

Matt Petty
The Founder